What documents are required to apply?

We will advise you on the program that best fits your needs based on your unique situation. Depending on the program selected, you may need the following:

All Transactions

  • W-2 or Tax Returns (if self employed) for the most recent two years
  • Most recent pay-stub
  • All pages of your most recent bank statements, investment and asset account statements.
  • 2 Forms of Identification

Additional Documentation That May Also Be Required

  • Purchase Agreement (if purchase)
  • Award letter (if retired)
  • 1st Mortgage Statement (if applicable)
  • 2nd Mortgage Statement (if applicable)
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Declaration page
  • Mortgage statements (on other properties if any)
  • Bankruptcy Papers (if applicable)
  • Child Support / Alimony (if applicable)
  • Business License or Letter from CPA (if self employed)
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