Buddy Singh, CMP

Buddy Singh, CMP at Spruce MortgageFor nearly two decades, Ranjit “Buddy” Singh has built his business by placing his client’s needs first in the mortgage process. Buddy’s success can also be attributed to his extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry from application to close.

In addition, Buddy has received his MBA from the University of Vermont and achieved a passing score on all 3 levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam, adding the most rigorous training in personal and institutional finance to his many years of mortgage experience.

His clients range from primary and second homes to self-employed borrowers, but his main focus has been with investment property lending. Products and programs change every day in the mortgage industry. Buddy’s trademark is in honest advice, superior service, and understanding client’s needs. In his free time, Buddy can be found snowboarding, playing tabla, and with his dog Jake all over the Green Mountain State.

Loan Officer
NMLS #92046

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